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Galerie d'Art

5175 Papineau Av, Montreal, QC, H2H 1W1
Vernissage : friday 14 march 2014
 6 pm. to 8 pm. with traditional japonese music : Emiko Toguchi & Bruno Deschênes.
MON closed.
TUE & WED  12pm to 6pm
THU & FRI  12pm à 6pm
SAT & SUN  12pm to 5pm


                 Abstract Calligraphy

                          11 - 16 march 2014


The artist presents a work in progress about silence. It represents for her a space, a necessary break in a society which aims to be sometimes too "full'', too noisy.

The silence breaks and divides this surplus. It allows a slowing down or a stop of the time and of the space. Inspired by the Japanese calligraphy, made abstract, she develops a personal interpretation of the energy  flow which is segmented, decomposed and recomposed to offer a new vision of the shape.


This exhibition will be held jointly with the director of the Japanese Calligraphy School of Montreal,

Me Carl Grifo. Sophie Pardo does a continuous training course with him. He will present traditional works of Japanese calligraphy during this exhibition.

Les gestes fluides engendrent un climax dans lequel l’énergie est canalisée, les variations de la forme fluctuent avec le fond, en complémentarité. L’espace inspire, la forme expire et marque la fin.
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