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Galerie d'Art

5175 Papineau Av, Montreal, QC, H2H 1W1
Vernissage : friday 14 march 2014
 6 pm. to 8 pm. with traditional japonese music : Emiko Toguchi & Bruno Deschênes.
MON closed.
TUE & WED  12pm to 6pm
THU & FRI  12pm à 6pm
SAT & SUN  12pm to 5pm


                 Abstract Calligraphy

                          11 - 16 march 2014


The artist presents a work in progress about silence. It represents for her a space, a necessary break in a society which aims to be sometimes too "full'', too noisy.

The silence breaks and divides this surplus. It allows a slowing down or a stop of the time and of the space. Inspired by the Japanese calligraphy, made abstract, she develops a personal interpretation of the energy  flow which is segmented, decomposed and recomposed to offer a new vision of the shape.


This exhibition will be held jointly with the director of the Japanese Calligraphy School of Montreal,

Me Carl Grifo. Sophie Pardo does a continuous training course with him. He will present traditional works of Japanese calligraphy during this exhibition.

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