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Her work is inspired by Japanese calligraphy. The twilight is an important part of her work. As in Japanese philosophy, dimensional space plays a key role in this spirit that sails between movement control and spontaneity. Hence arise abstract spaces with ink freezing the moment. A duality appears between features and the empty space. And thus the lines are generated by the energy flow and become truly alive. From the spirit, power flows to the body, which is channelled to the brush with no return.


Her works go more and more towards a minimalist style. The variations in the shape fluctuate to complement in the background. The background is selected in raw material purposely, like linen or wood, to increase the contrast.

The medium becomes a personality, like a reed or a branch wavering in the wind. Space inspires, the form marks the end or the beginning of the following cycle through the circle.


Sophie Pardo studied at the College of Fine Arts of Pau in France and then for three years specialised in graphic design. Subsequently she studied scenography at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona for four years. She has worked as a scenography specialist in various productions in Montreal.


Sophie Pardo was born in France and spent most of her childhood in Spain. Montreal became her home base ten years ago. She exhibits and works with the Milan Wannabee Gallery and with Kin Agency of San Diego. She has participated in various events and festivals and/or exhibited in New Orleans, London and Montreal galleries.

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